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Website Builder Question & Answers!

A. Simple Drag And Drop Builder Responsive Mobile Friendly, Professional, Fast Website which you can easily build your self.
A. Please check - have you changed DNS (CNAME) records for your domain to CNAME
A. 1. If you have some custom files except files which are published from builder in your hosting web root folder then make sure that your files do not intersect with generated files. The intersection can be caused by equal file names in web root folder and "sitepro" folder. For example the website may not work properly if both files exist: [web-root]/js/main.js and [web-root]/sitepro/js/main.js. In this case you need to rename or move to another folder all equal files like [web-root]/js/main.js.

2. Please open file ".htaccess" located in web root folder of your website. Delete (or comment) all the content (if there is one) between lines "#### PERSISTENT CONTENT ####" and "#### PERSISTENT CONTENT END ####". After that reload website in browser and check whether the problem has gone.

3. Make sure that you are looking at the same version in site builder website and published website - that is maybe you see "Desktop" version in builder and "Wide" version in published website. Try resizing browser window with published website to see how it is changed (if other modes are enabled in builder).

A. Yes. free web-hosting, shared web hosting, reseller web hosting There are other varieties out there, but it's important to note that these are less common, and most business and personal needs are covered by some form of shared, VPS, or dedicated.
A. We host your website on PowerEdge Dell Servers in Toronto Ontario and The Internet exchange service Torix, Servers are positioned in an datacenter pre-eminent telecommunications carrier hotel in Canada.
A. Yes, upgrade/downgrade procedure is very easy and fast. However, sometimes it requires an account transfer to another server, Upgrades/downgrades are processed at the regular renewal price: discounts, coupons are not applicable during this procedure.