Canada Host

It saddens me to let everyone know that after 25 years of providing web hosting services to so many thousands of clients that the time has now come to shut the business down. I decided to just shut down the Web Hosting Business end of things rather than sell it because "this was my baby" for over 25 years and no money can ever take place of the long-term relationships I developed with clients over the years.

My health has deteriorated to the point that I don't want to leave anyone stranded should something happen to me. I have had 7 heart attacks ( read about it here ), and most recently had my left leg amputated and I am now scheduled to have a built in defibrillator to shock my heart should it ever quit again. It is now time for me to look after me.

With that being said, we will not be renewing any accounts when they come due for renewal so everyone will need to find another web host prior to expiration of your account.

I will assist you in any way I can to move your website provided that you host with someone that uses cPanel so we can just create a backup of your files and transfer them for you or you may already have someone that can do that for you.

It has been an awesome experience to work with you all over the years and I know i'm going to miss the business but unfortunately, I have to take care of myself now.

Best Regards to everyone and hoping for continued success for everyone. Regards Randy Lockhart

PS The name will no longer be available for purchase as originally posted here. I have received numerous offers on the domain, some offers were more than I would ever dream of getting, but I have decided to keep the domain for now not only because of the sentimental attachment but also because of the monetary value.

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